HazMat Testing

Medical surveillance for hazardous materials that keeps your worforce safe

Exposures to noise, chemicals, particulates and other hazards are real threats that need to be understood, monitored, and mitigated. Medical Surveillance is used both to satisfy regulatory requirements and to maintain best practices in keeping your workforce safe and healthy.


Agile offers comprehensive screening and surveillance of medical issues used to detect and prevent injury and reduce risk in the workplace. The presence of various occupational hazards necessitates attentive monitoring of potentially adverse health effects on employees. We develop and administer test exposure and prevention strategies for medical surveillance-our comprehensive programs include:


  • Regular medical screenings  
  • Continuous follow-up monitoring for hazardous materials exposure  
  • Physical capacity assessments  
  • Management and oversight for complete OSHA compliance

A HazMat surveilance program will:


  • Decrease work-related injuries and illnesses

  • Lower workers’ compensation costs

  • Decrease healthcare costs

  • Protect against legal liability from worker exposures

Are any of your employees exposed to hazardous materials?

Contact Agile today for a no-obligation, free quote on setting up an HazMat medical surveillance program for your company. Our clinical team will review your requirements, make recomendations and present you with options to ensure your employees stay healthy and safe

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The Agile approach to HazMat Medical Surveillance

Working in the presence of occupational hazards necessitates attentive monitoring of employees for potential adverse health effects. Agile is committed to helping customers mitigate liability risk, so our HazMat Medical Surveillance programs provide recommended, OSHA-compliant screenings and physical capacity assessments, as well as continuous biological monitoring for exposure to hazardous materials. Our custom programs include:


OSHA Examinations

As per OSHA Standards, Agile will assess each of your enrolled employees as part of an ongoing physical exam process known as medical surveillance, which determines if an employee meets the physical and medical requirements established by OSHA. Surveillance includes chemical exposures, hearing conservation, periodic checks and more. These examinations can be broken down into two categories: Surveillance and Periodic Examinations.



Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance has a preventative focus and is an on-going observation of employee health for the purpose of prevention of illness or injury. This is carried out with identification of health abnormalities caused by job site exposures and risks. Surveillance aims at creating snapshots (through examinations) of an employee's health on a periodic basis to be used for a comparative basis to previous exams.



Periodic Examinations

Examinations are performed at our clinic and involve medical procedures (e.g. physical examinations, biological screenings, medical history) that are used to assess possible illnesses or abnormalities. Examinations are typically performed on an annual basis as part of an ongoing Medical Surveillance program.


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